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This is so funny its unreal, well at least I now have an address for the thorn in my side.

Ozzy4Ozzy was a Orange Winged Amazon Parrot.

When I decided to get a parrot, I decided to get a bird that had been raised wild, so I could train it myself, so we got Ozzy, so named because it was nuts, but we later discovered he was a she, because she laid an egg.

Anyway her first visit to the vet, was because her nails were growing to long, and she was still not properly hand tame.

First think to remember when handling a parrot is the can bite you very sore, like pierce your thumb,finger, lips etc if the decide to, so you need to take precautions to stop this, welding gauntlets are a must.

Cosmo3Cosmo the black cat, was such a nice cat, I had her for 18 years, and have many stories about her.

This one was when she was only a baby, and it was so funny.

As you can guess I also had chickens as well, we had 10 chickens and 1 duck, in a enclosure in our garden, on a whole they all got on very well.

Anyway, on with the story.


I had many of these wee blue budgies over the years, but the one I remember the best has to be Bluey.

Bluey lived to grand old age of 8 and I'm really surprised he managed that.

I got Bluey for my own kids, when they were small, just to give them some experience with a house bird, he was such a character, he used to sing all the time, peck his mirror, like all Budgies do, he also loved to fly around the living room, land on top of the curtain pole and refuse to come down, or to go back in his cage.

prince1Prince is the dog I grew up with, he was a Shetland Sheepdog, he lived to the grand old age of 16 years, he was born 1962 and died on the 20th April 1978, sorry but only have black & white pictures of him.

Prince was such a character, and loved us all, but sometimes he would take himself a walk, we also used to walk him for miles, unlike the dogs of today he was never spoiled, he slept in the kitchen, and was only allowed in the living-room if someone was in, when in the living-room he was allowed to sit on the furniture, after all he was loved.

This cute Guitar was made with an old soap powder box.


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