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FalkirkCouncilThis is absolutly disgracefull use of public money, if the Orange Order insist's on walking every year, they should be funding it themselves, I for one, object to any council taxes getting used for this!

How Council Tax is spent

Although it is the only tax which is set by local government in Great Britain, the Council Tax ostensibly contributes only a small proportion (25%, on average) of local government revenue. The majority ostensibly comes from central government funding, either as grants, or in the form of business rates which are collected centrally and redistributed to local authorities.

Councils often have to raise Council Tax because cuts in central government funding have left them with shortfalls, and they argue that Council Tax must be raised to compensate for this because it makes up such a small portion of their income in the first place.

LabourMSPWhat drugs are these idiots on, anything that tackles sectarian behaviour, especially in sport football must be a good thing, I know there's lots of fans out there who would never behave like these sectarian idiots do, and they are a small percentage of folk who are causing the trouble, so anything that stamps it out, is good, aint it?

Makes me think its my ball and i'm taking it home, about time they all grew up.

The story as seen on STV website

James Kelly said the law was 'a symbol of the SNP's arrogance in government'.

A Labour MSP is set to take the first steps to repeal controversial legislation aimed at tackling sectarianism.

CalMacThis is brilliant news for Scotland, this article is from my local MSP's website:-

The SNP Government has confirmed that Calmac Ferries Limited is the preferred tenderer for the next contract to operate the Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services (CHFS) network.

Commenting on the announcement, local MSP Kenneth Gibson said:  


TheEileanMorLighthouseMysteryOn the 26th December 1900, a small ship was making its way to the Flannan Islands in the remote Outer Hebridies. Its destination was the lighthouse at Eilean Mor, a remote island which (apart from its lighthouse keepers) was completely uninhabited.

Although uninhabited, the island has always sparked people’s interest. It is named after St. Flannen, a 6th century Irish Bishop who later became a saint. He built a chapel on the island and for centuries shepherds used to bring over sheep to the island to graze but would never stay the night, fearful of the spirits believed to haunt that remote spot.

Captain James Harvey was in charge of the ship which was also carrying Jospeph Moore, a replacement lifehouse keeper. As the ship reached the landing platform, Captain Harvey was surprised not to see anyone waiting for their arrival. He blew his horn and sent up a warning flare to attract attention.

There was no response.

TheBattleOfCullodenOn this date, 16 April, in the year 1746, the final battle on British soil was fought at Culloden Battlefield. The battle itself took less than an hour to reach its bloody conclusion. It was not, as often portrayed, a battle between the Scots and the English: large numbers of Scots fought on the Government side while the Jacobite army included French and Irish units. It was the last chapter in a civil war for succession to the throne that had been under way since 1688.

1688 was the year in which King James VII of Scotland and II of England was deposed in favour of William of Orange by a Protestant nobility fearful he was starting a Catholic dynasty. Efforts to restore the Jacobite King to the throne had subsequently led to conflict in 1689, 1708, 1715, and in 1719 when Spanish troops landed in Glen Shiel and captured Eilean Donan Castle.

WellOfTheSevenHeadsOn the shores of Loch Oich, near Invergarry in the Scottish Highlands, sits the striking - and slightly curious - Well of the Seven Heads.

The tall needle-like monument is topped by a sculpture of a hand holding a dagger and seven severed heads - a stark reminder of one of the most gruesome episodes in Scottish clan history.

Warfare among the clans was commonplace in the 16th and 17th centuries but this was a bloody tale of internal strife among different sections of one of the largest clans in the Highlands, the Macdonalds.

What is striking about the story of the Well of the Heads is the overwhelming sense of vengeance and power masquerading as justice which typified the clan system and over which the authorities in Scotland had no control.In somewhat typical Highland fashion the story begins with a fight which got out of hand.


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