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Well we all love a good rant or moan, about the shitty weather, even the price of food, or just about life in general.


Let me just say that the party involved has asked to remain anonymous. I will honour that request.

Paging through this site you will notice there is no love lost between myself and

  • the owner of the old Minos Imperial now named the Radisson Blu
  • Greek bureaucracy
  • Corruption

Found out yesterday all these have combined to all but finish my local hostelry.


The hotel owner has flouted every law in the book by violating the beach front and local rights of way by excavating the road between Milatos and Sissi and creating an artificial bathing area in front of his hotel.

 minos imperial 1

Not to mention polluting the local fishing grounds.

minos imperial 2

The locals by righteous indignation took to law and objected to this, not realising a lot of their own businesses relied upon illegal structures erected next to the seafront.


The locals took the hotel owner to court. The Greek judicial system being what it is, took years to hear the evidence, and finally judge against the hotel owner and began demolishing his illegal development.


Now the hotel owner instead of getting his own house in order complains to the courts that whilst his illegal constructions are getting demolished the local tavernas with their illegal shore-front constructions are not. He duly gets lawyers to delay/postpone his demolishment and proceed action against the locals.

The local municipality has then no choice but to act against the local businesses with threats to demolish their shore-front erections, all but destroying any means of income for untold number of families. This is the end of March just prior to what promises to be one of the most lucrative tourist seasons Crete has ever experienced.

So the locals have to resort to same legal tactics as the hotel owner employed to postpone the imminent destruction of their businesses. Greek lawyers being a 'closed shop'  have the solitary right to file the necessary papers for postponement and charge a whopping €1,000 for the privilege. From my own knowledge if this happened in the UK I would be able to file these myself over the internet with a minimal charge.

Now locals are faced with dilemma... Can I clear €1,000 to make having a construction by the sea worth my while? Bear in mind this is on top of all the additional taxation they face this year as a result of deals with the troika.

Most businesses have paid their dues to the lawyers and establishment to postpone the imminent destruction of their businesses. These decisions I am sure have not been based on established business practices but emotion and family ties.

The hotel owner has got a full seasons bookings thanks to the troubles in Turkey and the Middle East meanwhile those locals that rely on passing trade get fucked over because they no longer have beach-front seating.

Meanwhile as a result of all the above, my own local which is open 12 months a year, and dishes out the most excellent local food with brilliant service, is faced with extortion and blackmail. Pay a €1000 and we will not smash you business to pieces for a few months. What would you do?

Where is the justice in that?

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