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SausageRollsA sausage roll is a savoury pastry snack popular in the United Kingdom and other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, and Ireland.


serves totaltime preptime cookingtime
12 pie's 1 hour
15 minutes
45 minutes 30 minutes


{tab Ingredients} 

Flaky Pastry:

  • 225 grams Plain Flour
  • ½ teaspoon Salt
  • 75 grams Margarine
  • 75 grams Lard
  • 150 ml Water, chilled
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice


  • 225 grams Pork Sausage-meat
  • 1 small Egg, beaten

{tab Instructions} 

Flaky Pastry:

  1. Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl.
  2. Divide the fat into four equal portions.
  3. Rub one portion into the flour.
  4. Mix with water and lemon juice then set dough aside for 30 minutes.
  5. Turn onto floured board and roll to neat oblong shape.
  6. On the ⅔ of the pastry, at the top, place one portion of fat, cut into small pieces.
  7. Flour lightly and fold in three so the ⅓ of pastry without the fat is in the middle.
  8. Seal the edges by pressing with rolling pin.
  9. Give one turn to the right.
  10. Repeat the rolling, folding and turning three more times, cool in fridge for 15 minutes between 2nd and 3rd rolling, etc.
  11. Leave in fridge until ready to use.

Put Together:

  1. Roll the pastry into oblong strip, 22.8 - 25.4 cm wide and about 27.9 - 30.5 cm long.
  2. Shape sausage-meat into two rolls, about 1.2 cm diameter.
  3. Place on pastry, spacing well.
  4. Damp the pastry along one side of the sausage-meat trim edges and roll up.
  5. Repeat with other piece as well.
  6. Brush with beaten egg, make diagonal slits down pastry strip and cut into 10 cm rolls.
  7. Place on baking trays which have been rinsed with cold water.
  8. Bake in the oven at 220˚C for about 25-30 minutes

{tab Note}

  1. For sausage roll that are to be eaten hot you can use Rough Puff Pastry, if you desire.


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