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Destination  Bari, Italy               Name  No Hotel, slept in car, outside Port 
Dates 5th October 2008 Number of Nights One
Distance 200 miles Accommodation details  The Car 



Up early and ready for the next leg of the journey to Bari port, to catch our ferry to Patras in Greece.

We rush our way down the motorway to Bari, in the hope to get a ferry today, and to get to Greece tomorrow.
VastoBariMapIt was only 200 miles, and we did it in a couple of hours.

Got into Bari, really early, found the port and drove straight in.

Found the part that a ferry to Patras would sail from

BariPort1Went into the ferry terminal, tried to get tickets, right hand over card, put card in machine, oh shit not working again!!!!!!!!!

Ferry leaves in 30 minutes, can we find a bank that will work, short answer NO!!!!

After another embarrassing moment, we found out when the next ferry sailed to Patras, tomorrow night at 8pm, will we be able to get that one!!!!!!

So what do we do now, firstly get out of the port, easier said than done, customs stops us, eyes us both up, we give him our passports and try to explain that, we were only in the port to get tickets for a ferry to Patras, after an uncomfortable few minutes, he tells us to go.

OK in Bari what do we do now, find a bank, to see if we can get money, again!!!!!!

Find somewhere to park car, just outside the port, walk up to centre, find a bank, and it works, to late to catch today's ferry, well there is always tomorrow.

ParkBariLets act like tourists, see what this city has to offer, we saw a park, lets go in, it was beautiful.

BariCastleRight lets find somewhere to stay for the night!!!!

No room at the inn, well it will be the car again!!!!!!

Right what other attraction are they to see


BariChurchThere was a beautiful church, a old castle, old buildings, beautiful parks, nice places to eat, it is a nice place to visit.

Its just for one night, I'm sure we will cope with it, so we walked around all day taking loads of photos. Just acting like tourists. Lets get pissed, that should help us to sleep tonight, get something decent to eat, just have a relaxing day.

Right the saying go "The best laid plans of mice and men", you just know something is going to go wrong.

Its dark so we head back to the car, after getting a little bit lost, walking around Bari, found the car, right get the quilt into front seats again, curl up.

They are people walking pass the car, wish they would be quieter, why do they shut up!!!!!!

Dave gets fed up, and decided that's it, lets find the motorway, and a service station to sleep in again, its much more quieter, so we put the quilt in the back of the car again, and set of to find the motorway, you would think it would be easy, NOT!!!!!!

After driving around Bari for about an hour, and extremely lost, we decide to ask someone, anyone for directions, SHIT, they don't understand us, even asking for Bari port, finally found someone, he didn't speak English at all, but managed to give us the proper directions to get back to the port, back at the place where we started, right lets just put up with the noise, and try and get some sleep.

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