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Pireas, Greece            Name Kriti 1, ferry
Dates 13th October 2008 Number of Nights One
Distance 60 miles Accommodation details 
Floor of Ferry



Just a short journey today, from Corinth to Pireas.

So packed up the car and paid our bill, and we were off.

The journey was uneventful, until we got closer to Athens, and the road got really busy, so we got a little bit lost, but managed to find the port, eventually.

KritiTicketsTrying to find a way into the port can be quite difficult, but we managed it, right lets get tickets, the ticket office is closed, its OK there's one across the road, but the road has 3 lanes either side of it, and its really busy, OK a clearing in the traffic, run!!!

In the ticket office, we got our tickets, so that's that, what do we do now, lets just hang around the port, the ferry leaves at 8:30pm.

Sitting in one of the café’s in the port, managing to get back across that road, intact, we got something to eat, and drink, its really hot!!!!!!

And there is no real shade from the sun, when I say hot I mean well over 30 C!!!! With brilliant sunshine.

PireasPortThere's not a lot to say about Pireas port, it was quite boring, just hanging around, waiting for them to let us board our ferry. What I will say is the port is huge, and again there were several cruise ship's docked there, and lots of ferry's.

Finally we managed to be allowed to board our ferry, Oh shit!!!!!!

That was a very scary moment, they had been loading lots of trucks, and I mean lots, you drove up the ramp from the pier, onto the ferry, then up a very steep ramp to the upper car park, then I got ordered out of the car, by the guy who was telling people where to park, where have I to go?

Right it must have been the look on my face, but he directed me where to stand, so I wouldn't get knocked down.

The cars were parked in like sardines, between the trailers of the trucks, it was very scary!!!!!!

With the car packed, we were shown, where to go to get to the upper levels.

PireasOn the deck of the ferry, we had something to drink, then explored our surroundings, found somewhere to sleep, when the time came to get the head down.

Just before we left dock the local priest (PaPa) blessed the ferry, that really filled me with confidence, also getting everyone on that ferry was just pure chaotic, they were people running about at the last minute trying to get on-board, even as the undid the mooring, they were people trying to get on-board!!!!!

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