Destination   Asini, Greece           Name Camp-site, Asini
Dates 10th October 2008 Number of Nights One
Distance 45 miles Accommodation details  Camp-site


CorinthAsiniMap1Anyway we get up, get our breakfast and pack the tent up, and put everything back in the car, weather is really good, right settle our bill.

And we are off again, the road to Argos is fairly quiet, and as you drive into Argos, you see the castle on top of the hill.

Argos is beautiful, we get something to eat and a coffee, and we are off again.


Back in the car, firstly we checked the map to see where we would go, we decided to head further down the coast, see if we could find another camp site, and we did!!!!

We found the sign for Asini camp site, and followed them, it was, quite nice as we pulled into it, the only problem seemed to be the amount of flies, that were buzzing around.

The Route we took from Corinth to Asini via Argos, highlighted in blue

TentAsiniBeachAsiniClearSeaSo we set up the tent, in a spot where we could see the sea, from our tent.

So this was the view we would get up to in the morning.

Went for a wee nap, got back up about an hour later, and went for a wee bit of a walk down to the beach.

Then the flies, began to attack us, there was also a lot of mosquito's, the only bad think I can say about the beach, it was a stony beach and the stone's went into our sandals, apart from that it was beautiful!!!!!!

After the mosquito attack, we decided to go back to our tent, and stay in it, it was only 6pm, so what do we do now, for one think there was no way we were going to walk around!!!!!!

So after what seemed a life time we curled up and went to sleep, well there was nothing else we could do!!!!!!!

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