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Got up on the morning of 11th Feb 2009, had no power as there was ongoing work, which needed the power switched off, so what do we do today, the power was going to be off until 4.30pm.

Lets explore the island, we got the map out and looked to see where we could go, right lets go up and see this plateau.

So got our breakfast, and got warm clothes on and off we set in the car, need to head to Mohos.

Got on the road to Mohos, up the hill, into the mountains, what a view!!!!




Drove through Mohos, and further into the mountains, making regular stops to take pictures and admire the scenery, rolling countryside, with town nestled in valleys, between the mountains, it was breath taking, and we just kept getting higher.

We saw goats on the bare mountain sides, a pair of eagles hovering in the sky above us.



We also watched the weather close in over the top of some of the mountains.

Crete3At this point we were 803m above sea level.

I liked the name on the building!!!!!!

We kept going and a bit further up the road, we turned a corner to this view, just when you thought it couldn't get better!!!

The mountain is around 1588m (4764 ft) high and its name is Sarakinou

It was snow capped, and you could feel an icy breeze, well it is February what do I expect!!!!

Crete6It was spectacular, just watching the clouds coming over the top of it, then getting a clear view of the white cap on top of it.


 On the left, the view from the road into the Plateau.


On the right, some of the old house's in one of the village's up on the Plateau.


All along the route around the Plateau, you go through several small villages, which are quaint, and they all have a spectacular view of that mountain, and a couple of it's friends!!!!

You could imagine waking up to this view every morning.

The drive back down the other side was just a spectacular, with deep valley's, surrounded by mountains

The whole journey, including stopping to take lots of photo's took around 3 hours.

I'm so glad the electricity was off that morning!!!!!

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