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First Visit

To open a Bank Account you need Tax Number and your passport, so we had to go to the Tax Office to get Tax Numbers

Second Visit

We went to the bank as pleased as punch with our newly issued tax forms and duly presented them, together with our passports, to the helpful young lady and asked if we could please open a current account. She studied the tax forms and said that she was sorry but since according to the tax forms we were self employed we would require further evidence of our income. We explained that we weren’t self employed. That’s not what it says here she responded you will have to go to the tax office and get these details changed. Our hearts instantly filled with dread. Another trip to pay homage to the führer. Bollocks!! At least the tax office is closed every Friday so we can get ready over the weekend.

Third Visit

Off we trot to our young lady friend in the bank and hand over our new papers. She examines them and informs us that I am now a pensioner. No problems with that.. handed over proof of my pension. Irene is unemployed and had to sign another form to confirm that and the process was under way. While waiting for her to complete all the paperwork I told her about our adventure with the führer and showed her my translation. Oh dear she smiled. Here comes that sinking feeling again. It says here she responded that you are a shy policeman. Retired as in shy and retiring


So with the bank account open we don't need to worry about the cash machine links going down again, leaving us with absolutely no money for anything so that's another thing sorted, what next!!!!

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