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mailboxSince renting our apartment we have learned that the postman will not deliver mail here, which is really common through Greece. So we asked advice about it and was told the best way to make sure we get any mail that is sent to us was to rent a P.O. Box, so we set out to rent a PO Box which is a wee bit more complicated than just going to the post office, nothing unusual there!!!!


At the post office we asked to rent a P.O.Box, to be told we have to go to the local tax office in the next town and both get local tax numbers before we are allowed to get a box

Tax numbers were issued (eventually), we went to the Post Office paid the rent for the Box and VOILA!! and P.O. Box postal address...........

All is well...................??????????

For the first month the counter clerk has to be asked to come and open it for us every time we want to check our mail!!

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